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The Barn -2008

This was one of my first projects, just getting all the oakwood was quite a quest.
I designed this barn in 2007 / 2008.
It was a big challenge for me. Looking back, I would do a lot of things differently, but I still love it because it reminds me of my roots in carpentry.

Oakwood and Irish larch


the place where the magic happens! I am traveling between my Irish workshop and my Berlin Studio.
when life in Berlin gets too hectic, I always look forward to Ireland's cool, level-headed way.

Just work and let things happen


Werner-Voss-Damm 62

12101 Berlin

Thank you. we will be in touch shortly.

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Stairs, stairs, stairs

There are manifold ways of doing stairs, a whole world of forms to follow exactly one purpose, to get to another level.
Do this in a swag way and look good while doing it.
the maths behind stairs is quite challenging, but once mastered, you can design beautiful objects
which are connecting different levels.


A fascinating world to discover!


different Staircases, built and not built


from 2019 till today 


I always loved the idea of having a room in the forest with no purpose, just to contemplate and breathe.
A single spare room to spend a day and a night in absolute quietness.

The walls are very thick and well insulated, so there is actually nearly no sound penetrating the
tranquility of this space - a very rare moment.
When did you do nothing the last time?

I tried to do it as eco-friendly as possible.

made from CLT, northern Irish Larch, and Gutex wood insulation with copper roof

For a single man

this is a design for a single man's house.
Just enjoying his days in nature.

never built

Roof truces

some roof truces from Oak I built in 2020

I like the old ways of building roofs before they nailed truces together and pretend to be a roof. 

Additional Space

one of the first CLT buildings in Ireland.
I built this extension to an old house in 2019, now there is enough space for the family.
It opens into a wonderful garden, just the right place to contemplate and grow up.

CLT Spruce and tin


Just a little bench for two boys to sit on and get ready for the day.

made from Larch and ebony



on the ruins of an old Boathouse from the 19century - a Boathouse I built in 2019, made from native Wicklow Oak.
All the trees have been already dead to prevent as much forest as possible.
We milled most of the timber directly on site, all the joints have been done in my workshop.


Irish oak